But is it Vegan?

All desserts served at our location are egg free, dairy free, and vegan friendly. Our sprinkles do not contain confectioners glaze.

I'm getting married!

We love weddings and being a part of your special day. Please email info@valhallabakery.com to set up a consult. Please include photos of your favorite cakes, and the Wedding cake inquiry form located on the wedding cake tab at the top of this page. *NO GLUTEN FREE*


We love it! Because of the limited space that we have, we are unable to safely process any gluten free items. For your safety and ours, we have chosen to not offer any gluten free.

Seasonal Items

We rotate items during the limited seasons that we have in Florida. If you've fallen in love with something and it's no longer available, rest assured it will be back in a few months.


We offer very limited wholesale to a few select vendors. The only Authorized Retailers at this time are: all Foxtail Coffee locations. Anyone else is not a part of our wholesale program

I'm a blogger and I want a sampling!

We do not offer any kind of "Sampling" for Bloggers. We ask you to kindly purchase the items you'd like, like every other food critic. We work hard to make them, and if you'd like to support small business the best way to do so is to not ask them for free shit. <3